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February 26, 2016

Ill start off by saying this isn't usually my area of expertise. As a wedding photographer being on call for a birth is obviously not always going to work with my schedule. But for this scheduled induction I was so very excited to get the chance to not only witness the birth of my nephew, but also to give my brother and wife a glimpse back in time to relive this very special day. 


Rather then write from my perspective, I would like to share with you words from this mother.  




I stepped outside of my comfort zone in so many ways that day. Emotionally, Physically & Professionally. I bet you're wondering why??
Professionally. I was not behind the camera. How could anyone possibly perfect those moments in a photograph that only I could notice or sense?? I feel, as a captivator, I needed to be in control of the hours that quickly turned into a blink of an eye. 
Physically. A change in my birth experience by opting to have an epidural. I had my other 4 miracles naturally. That choice was challenging. I was nervous. I had a ball in the pit of my stomach & saw the distress in my Husbands eyes as they prepped me. It was an unfamiliar moment. We often fear the unknown. 
Emotionally. There was never anyone in the delivery room other than my Husband & I. I had always wanted those moments to be saved in our minds that only we could recall. We could always share words with others, but only we would have the experience. May be a bit selfish, but that time was ours. 
Then we were blessed with baby #5, we tossed around the idea of a birth photographer but, quickly dismissed it. After months into our pregnancy, we would watch our tiny human move around inside me & would reminisce over each occurrence of my previous Littles, only to find that my memory started to fail me. I can't remember each specific. I wanted to recover them forever. As we grow older we lose those perfect details. At that moment we decided. I called my sister [in-law] just a week before I was to be induced & asked her to be there to share with me the raw emotional moments that would have otherwise gone unseen. I am blessed enough to have her drive the 4 hour stretch on the drop of a hat to be there, to not only share her incredible talent but to experience the birth of her nephew. 
No matter how prepared you think you are, nothing, I mean nothing, comes close to what you are about to encounter those final moments before you meet that tiny heartbeat you have been growing for what seems like a lifetime. Imagine if it was frozen.
As an artist, I want to share with you, the joy & emotion of how incredibly magnificent it is to have a birth photographer to save those moments that we can recall with ease.
Too often we forget those little details that were big ones in real time. Those moments were seized so perfectly, that still to this day I can't help but feel the tears pool in my eyes when reminded of these hours. I relive them each time I see them. 


This is a modest glimpse of that day. 

An immense appreciation from the bottom of my heart, Paige Fish Photography for your unbelievable talent. You were the mirror of my dream that I will hold as I grow old.  Paula 






             Be Happy for This Moment, This Moment is Your Life.......




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